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What’s New In Logic 10.8
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Apple's Logic Pro 10.8 is here and it's a FREE upgrade at the App Store. And, here's our What's New in Logic 10.8 course by our own Logic expert Steve H! Check out the 3 brand new plugins, new tools, improved and enhanced workflows and so much more. So, dive in and see What's New!
Twice Emmy-nominated Steve H is a Logic Pro Master and industry-leading audio producer/performer. You might know him from TV's "Reading Rainbow" ... he scored every episode of that program.
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Logic Pro 10.8 is a multidimensional update filled with some indispensable new tools, 3 new plugins: Beat Breaker, Sample Alchemy, Mastering Assistant, an updated Pitch Correction plugin, some graphical enhancements along with the usual fixes, improvements and performance enhancements. Here's an overview:

Sample Alchemy

First introduced in Logic Pro for iPad, Sample Alchemy is an innovative software instrument that elevates a simple audio sample into a dynamic and expressive musical tool. Its advanced synthesis techniques, including granular, additive, and spectral synthesis, allow for a vast range of sound manipulation. With these methods, a single sample can be transformed into an array of sounds, from the familiar to the extraordinary, giving musicians and producers the ability to craft unique tones and textures that are fully performable.

Beat Breaker

Beat Breaker operates by capturing the incoming audio into a waveform input buffer, effectively holding your beats in a sonic sandbox. From there, you have the freedom to slice, dice, and splice the rhythm, sculpting the beat with precision and mangling it with changes in pitch, position, volume and repeats. Beat Breaker doesn't just alter the tempo; it transforms the essence of the groove, enabling an intimate level of interaction with your beats.

Mastering Assistant

Logic Pro has its own mastering plugin called Mastering Assistant. This plugin is located in the last plugin slot of the master channel and is bypassed until called upon. When enabled, Mastering Assistant scans through your project's tracks (or any section of your project as determined by the user) and creates an AI, ML "mastering chain" based upon what it "hears" in your mix. Check it out!

Slip and Rotate Tools

The Slip Tool is your subtle fix for timing issues. It allows you to nudge MIDI or audio forward or backward within a region. It's the kind of tool that, once used, becomes essential, making fine adjustments a breeze.

The Rotate Tool takes a more playful approach. Ignoring the region's boundaries, it cycles your musical data from end to start and back again. It's not just a tool; it's your creative partner in crime, helping to reimagine a loop or phrase by shifting its starting point. And don't worry about losing any notes; this tool keeps everything intact, just in a rotated order.

Pitch Correction Plugin

There's an update to the Pitch Correction plugin that brings new features and incorporates Neural Pitch Detection to deliver greater accuracy and superior pitch detection. All this with a handsome new look. Auto-tuning is now much more precise in Logic Pro 10.8


There are some simple changes to improve workflow visualization. Simple put: Everything in a channel strip that is MIDI (including MIDI FX plugins) is now green. Everything audio remains blue. This may seem insignificant but it's not. It makes for a cleaner, easier to understand-at-a-glance, mixer. It becomes even more evident as your projects get more and more complicated. There are other "colorful" additions. Watch the video on Colors and check it out.

Other Stuff

Other additions include a new Create New Track dialog, further implementation of MIDI 2.0, the addition of "Default Region Type" in the Track inspector and the usual fixes improvements and performance enhancements.

So dive right in and see What's New in Logic Pro 10.8!
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