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VCV Rack 101 - VCV Rack 2 Explored.
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  • 1

    What CV input on the Delay module can potentially help with synchronization?

  • 2

    What is the name of the module that acts as a mixer and a VCA?

  • 3

    What is the maximum number of steps for each of the three sequencer lanes in SEQ 3?

  • 4

    What parameter needs to be maxed out in order for the filter to self generate a tone?

  • 5

    How many waveform outputs does the LFO module have?

  • 6

    What is the maximum polyphony possible in VCV Rack?

  • 7

    What is the name of the switch that lets you change the LFO from bipolar to unipolar mode?

  • 8

    The CV input on the VCA is where a control signal is routed to control the level of the signal going into the audio input.

  • 9

    With the 4-1 Sequential Switch and the Sequencer 3, what is the maximum length sequence that can be created?

  • 10

    How many waveform outputs does the VCO module have?

  • 11

    What is the name of the only output on the ADSR module?

  • 12

    What is the name of the module that can covert MIDI data to CV signals?

  • 13

    What is the name of the module that lets you create attenuvertion?

  • 14

    The quantizer can snap incoming voltage values to the nearest equivalent semitone

  • 15

    What parameter on the Quantizer can be used to transpose signals in semitones?

  • 16

    How many total random signal outputs does the Random module have?

  • 17

    Which input on the VCO should another audio rate signal be connected to in order to create the hard sync effect?

  • 18

    An FM Operator is a sine wave oscillator with an envelope controlling it's amplitude

  • 19

    How many third party modules are available for VCV Rack?

  • 20

    How many filter outputs does the VCF module have?

VCV Rack 101
VCV Rack 2 Explored
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