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Studio One 5 101 - Quick Start Guide.
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  • 1

    Open the Inspector with:

  • 2

    Which type of track in Studio One can route MIDI data to a software instrument?

  • 3

    Increasing the sample rate, allows for a higher ______ for your recording.

  • 4

    Which type of Studio One files are your main 'session projects' that are used for recording and MIDI sequencing?

  • 5

    Volume, pan, and send levels all can be automated in Studio One.

  • 6

    Hold _______ and click on a fader to set it to unity.

  • 7

    Hold ______ when trimming an audio event to time stretch the audio.

  • 8

    Hold ______ when trimming an audio event to time stretch the audio.

  • 9

    Press ____ to quantize selected notes to the designated quantization value.

  • 10

    For proper piano notation, you'll want to covert the score editor to:

  • 11

    Note FX in Studio One affect the ______ signal.

  • 12

    What is the shortcut to record in Studio One?

  • 13

    Some plug-ins have a _____ knob, which allows you to adjust the Wet/Dry balance.

  • 14

    You'll need to use a direct box to record DI guitar if your interface does not have:

  • 15

    What is the shortcut to select the Arrow Tool?

  • 16

    If you are recording with a single microphone, create a:

  • 17

    Command on macOS is _______ on a PC.

  • 18

    When recording, you'll experience less latency with:

  • 19

    What is the shortcut to open the Editor in Studio One?

  • 20

    Create and name new Markers by pressing:

  • 21

    To instantly snap a note to its intended pitch on the grid in Melodyne:

  • 22

    The shortcut to Export a Mixdown of your song is:

Studio One 5 101
Quick Start Guide
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