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Music Theory 302 - Jordan Rudess: Rhythm Explored.
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  • 1

    Which composer was known to mix quintuplets, triplets, sixteenth notes, etc.?

  • 2

    What is the most common way to play in 5/4?

  • 3

    When playing with a latin type of feel, the bass is always on the beat. True or false?

  • 4

    The "Dream Theater Turnaround" happens on just about every Dream Theater record. True or false?

  • 5

    If you're playing a pattern of 5 ascending notes in a group of 4 you are:

  • 6

    How can you stay in 4/4 and give the impression of using a lot of time signatures?

  • 7

    As human beings, we feel very comfortable with:

  • 8

    Adding rhythmic motion between the chords is a little like strumming on a guitar. True or false?

  • 9

    Half notes are held for:

  • 10

    When playing Polyrhythms...

  • 11

    Polyrhythm is two (or more) ______ played against each other.

  • 12

    What technique are you using if you're playing simple chords right on the beat every measure, and then you accent a chord right before the beat?

  • 13

    How can you practice Jordan's Brain Twister?

  • 14

    When you are holding a note for 4 beats, you are playing a...

  • 15

    What is the most simple meter in music?

  • 16

    What is the most common way to play in 7/4?

  • 17

    What is the "Dream Theater Turnaround"?

  • 18

    No matter how complicated it gets, you can usually break down any rhythms into:

  • 19

    If you put five divisions to the beat...

  • 20

    If you're playing 3 eight notes followed by 2 eight notes in a measure, you are playing in:

Music Theory 302
Jordan Rudess: Rhythm Explored
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