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Music Theory 109 - Music Theory for DAW Musicians.
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  • 1

    An enharmonic pitch of G-sharp is:

  • 2

    A diatonic third above is the same as a __________ below, but an octave apart.

  • 3

    Which type of rest is silence for an entire bar of 4/4?

  • 4

    Which is the correct step pattern for natural minor scales?

  • 5

    A whole step interval is equal to:

  • 6

    Treble Clef is often called the ____ clef.

  • 7

    In DAWs, middle C is designated as:

  • 8

    D-F#-A is a D major triad. Which of the following is a diminished triad.

  • 9

    Which of the following is NOT a possible altered chord of melodic minor?

  • 10

    As a general guideline, melodies that stay toward the bottom of a scale, work better with harmonies:

  • 11

    A perfect 5th is an interval of ____ semitones between two notes.

  • 12

    With harmonic minor, you raise the ____ scale degree from natural minor.

  • 13

    A dotted quarter note has the same duration/value as ____ eighth notes.

  • 14

    Harmonic minor harmony alters which three triads from natural minor?

  • 15

    9/8 time has ___ pulses per bar, where you feel the beat.

  • 16

    If you divide a quarter note in half, you get:

  • 17

    Undrestanding traditional music notation is important for "speaking the language" and collaborating with other muscians.

  • 18

    In Major Keys, which scale degree is the Dominant?

  • 19

    A major third an interval of ____ semitones between two notes.

  • 20

    C minor has no sharps or flat.

  • 21

    Which of the following is NOT an enharmonic of the note "F"?

  • 22

    With melodic minor, you raise the ____ scale degrees from natural minor.

  • 23

    To be used correctly, chord progressions must always start on the tonic chord.

  • 24

    ________ show the number of sharps and flats within a particular scale or key.

  • 25

    The starting note of a scale is called the:

Music Theory 109
Music Theory for DAW Musicians
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