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Music Theory 108 - Notating Music.
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  • 1

    When you get past the 1st ledger line, stems are drawn to the ______.

  • 2

    The Treble Clef is also known as the______clef.

  • 3

    Alto and Tenor Clefs are also known as __________ Clefs.

  • 4

    A dot extends a note by ________.

  • 5

    The tenuto mark is drawn with a ______.

  • 6

    A Slur is used to show ___________ phrasing.

  • 7

    The slash in a single repeat measure is surrounded by _________ dots.

  • 8

    The Bass Clef is also known as the_______clef.

  • 9

    Note stems extend the length of _______.

  • 10

    The end of a song is indicated by a thin bar line followed by a ___bar line.

  • 11

    A Double Sharp is notated with an ...

  • 12

    Noteheads should be placed in the _____ of the ledger line.

  • 13

    The whole note & the ____ note are represented by hollow note heads.

  • 14

    The Sharp Keys progress around the Circle of __________.

  • 15

    Avoid making your noteheads in the shape of a _______.

  • 16

    The first note in a Bar should have the distance of a _________ before it.

  • 17

    The two basic dynamic markings are p and ______.

  • 18

    The term for a gradual decrease in volume is ________.

  • 19

    The dot for the dotted 32nd note rests sits in the _____ space of the staff.

  • 20

    The half note rest sits on the _______ line of the staff.

  • 21

    Double bar lines indicate the end of a_________.

  • 22

    Triplets are indicated with the number ...

  • 23

    8vb means ______.

  • 24

    The distance from the notehead to the primary beam is approximately a_____.

  • 25

    The multiple bar rest is drawn between the 2nd and ___ line of the staff.

Music Theory 108
Notating Music
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